Deployment helps you to combine different workflow and make it live to consume over your own channel which could be your website, in a very simple way.

Create a New Deployment

Deployment menu can be found in Bot Studio -> Deployment, click the "New Deployment" button to launch the window for creating new Deployment.

You now can select different conversations that you have created which now can be combined and deployed under a single instance. You can create multiple deployment of different combination of conversations or a single conversation.

Deployed Conversations

All the created deployment instance are shown under Deployed conversations listing. With each deployed instance you can perform the following different operations.


Tip: Please note that if you have made any changes to the deployed instance, you should manually redeploy for those changes to take effect.

Agent link provides a dashboard to review analytics for each deployment.

To access agent link use following credentials:
Username: AmplifyReach Catalyst platform username without @ sign and email id
Password: Same as AmplifyReach Catalyst platform password.

Human agent support can be enabled for any and every conversation for a seamless transfer of conversation from Chat bot to a human agent. Chat bot transfers the conversation to a human agent only when the customer requires a special support or it does not have the required information that can only be provided by a human agent.

Client Chat Widget allows you to test if your deployment is working as expected. You can edit the conversation and make changes as required.

Client Widget Code

Client Widget Code provides the JavaScript code that need to be added to your website or application for the chat bot service to be made available.


It is recommended to redeploy the conversation if below actions are performed:

  • Any changes to the conversation and that need to take effect under that deployment
  • If any conversation is edited, added or removed from the conversation list.
  • Updated or edited any system messages
  • Any edits or updates to the intents, entities, trigger or system messages that impacts your deployed conversation

Tip: Ensure that there are zero active chats during redeployment, through the agent link.


Delete action will remove the deployed conversation and user will get an error message if he tried to get information related to this conversation.

Tip: Ensure that you have removed the Client widget code from your website before deleting the same.