Language Support


AmplifyReach Live Chat and Chatbot software supports 11 languages including both LTR and RTL language. Below is the list of supported languages,

Language Name Language Code
Arabic ar
Chinese cn
English en
French fr
German de
Hindi hi
Italian it
bahasa Indonesia id
Japanese jp
Malay ms
Spanish es

Live Chat Software Internationalization (i18n)

User Interface(UI) language of Live Chat Software can be changed by selecting a language in the Language selection filter present near the top right of the screen for LTR languages and near top left of the screen for RTL languages. By default, English is selected as the language for the Live Chat Software UI. Language can also selected from the login screen.

Assign Languages to Agents

Languages can be assigned to Agents to help system know what languages particular Agent supports. This enables Chat router algorithm to route Chat in a particular language to an Agent supporting that language.


Language filter on Analytics page enables Admin to filter Analytics for chats belonging to a particular language.

Tip: UI Language will be used for Internationalization(i18n) of Analytic Pages and Reports.

Chat Widget Language

The language supported by a Chat widget will be the set of languages supported by the agents and the chatbot deployment language.

Deployment Language

Language of the deployment will be the language of the conversation added to the deployment. Currently, a Chatbot deployment allows conversations of only one language to be added to a deployment in turn supporting one Chatbot language per deployment.

Language Selection

The language for the Chat Widget is selected based on the below priority,

Tip: Language must be set before deployment script is included in the document. Currently, runtime selection of language is not supported but will be supported in future.

a. Customer can explicitly set language from Javascript like shown below,

    window._arChatSettings = { locale: "fr" }; // language code
<AmplifyReach WIDGET_CODE>

b. If Customer doesn't explicitly sets Language, then HTML document language locale is used to load the Chat Widget.

c. If Document Language is not supported and Customer has not set Language (or the language set by Customer is not supported) then Chat Widget is loaded in Deployment Language.